These are the 9 best OnePlus 9 Pro Cases


With the OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus is attempting to take the battle for Android supremacy to Samsung. The device is chocked-full of new features along with an updated camera system that is a far cry from the sub-par cameras of former OnePlus devices. With a device this sleek, you’re going to want to keep it protected, so we’ve rounded up the best OnePlus 9 Pro cases you can find today.

Caseology Parallax

Just like the Parallax is our favorite OnePlus 9 case, the same rings true for the OnePlus 9 Pro. This has become the default case for many, taking over the crown previously held by Spigen. With its unique pattern on the back complete with a matte finish, the Parallax makes it much easier to hold and use the OnePlus 9 Pro throughout the day.

QITAYO Crystal Clear Case

Whether you opt for Morning Mist or Pine Green, there’s no denying that the OnePlus 9 Pro looks great. It’s for this reason that we recommend the QITAYO Crystal Clear Case, giving you plenty of shock absorption and protection while still being able to show off the design of your new phone.

Ringke Fusion-X

The Ringke Fusion-X takes protection up a notch with a rather rugged and hefty frame that is sure to keep your OnePlus 9 Pro safe from any drops that might occur. There’s a QuikCatch lanyard hole for those who still use those, and the Fusion-X is compatible with most screen protectors and wireless chargers.

TUDIA DualShield Merge

The problem with some of the best OnePlus 9 cases is that they are just too bulky, adding even more weight to an already-heavy phone. The DualShield Merge from TUDIA tries to combat this by offering a dual-layer design that is slim, lightweight, and protective. And with the textured ridges on the sides, these provide a bit more grip than your standard case.

Spigen Tough Armor

Whenever a new phone is announced, you can bet that there will be a Spigen case made available. Usually one of the first options made available is the Spigen Tough Armor, and that’s exactly why we can’t ignore this case for the OnePlus 9 Pro. The Tough Armor is a fan-favorite, regardless of which device you are using, as its classic design is recognizable, and the two layers of protection ensure that your phone won’t suffer any accidental damage.

Kqimi Leather Cover

Those who are looking for a more professional-looking case, won’t want to pass up on the Kqimi Leather Case for the OnePlus 9 Pro. This case features high-quality leather on the back while sporting a TPU border for shock absorption and some added grip. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of leather when using one of the best phones of the year?

OnePlus Sandstone Bumper Case

If you want a case that tickles your nostalgia senses then the OnePlus Sandstone Bumper Case fits the bill better than anything else. You’ll get that classic Sandstone texture that you’ve loved since the OnePlus One, which provides plenty of shock absorption and can easily be cleaned with water and soap if you happen to take it on a hike and get your phone dirty.

OnePlus Droid Bumper Case

To celebrate the launch of a brand new flagship, OnePlus decided to hit you with some more nostalgia with this OnePlus Droid Bumper Case. The droid may look familiar to long-time OnePlus fans, as it’s the same droid from the OnePlus 5T advertisements from a few years ago. The case itself features a metal embossing for the droid, along with a TPU bumper to add some grip.

OnePlus Karbon Bumper Case

If you’re looking for one of the slimmest and best OnePlus 9 cases, then the Karbon Bumper Case fits the bill perfectly. This may not offer as much protection as a TPU case, but the aramid fiber weave offers a lightweight and form-fitting design that is simply unmatched.


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