Microsoft starts clearing out stock of the Surface Duo and you can save more than $700


In the tech bubble, there’s one device that has continued to make waves for one big reason and that’s the Microsoft Surface Duo. This true-dual display device launched late last year with 2019 specs and one of the most unique hardware designs that you would ever find. However, the device started being featured in fire sales from the likes of Woot and BuyDig, suggesting that retailers could just be clearing out stock for a Surface Duo 2.

Today, it seems that could be even more of the case, as we’re seeing both Amazon and Microsoft itself offer incredibly steep discounts on the Surface Duo. Currently, the Surface Duo is more than $700 off for the 256GB version, and more than $650 off for the base model with 128GB of storage if you were to go through either Amazon or Microsoft.

We aren’t exactly sure as to whether this means that there’s a Surface Duo on the way, or maybe Microsoft is just trying to get these out of the warehouses to clear up some space. What will be interesting to see is what’s to come from a second-generation Microsoft smartphone. The original Surface Duo was panned for its buggy software experience, as it was clear that this device was never originally intended to run Android. Instead, it was slated to be powered by Windows 10X, but that has since been shelved, without a clear indication of whether we’ll ever see Windows 10X arrive.

Truth be told, I snatched up one of these Surface Duos recently just to get my hands on another foldable phone, so keep your eyes peeled for some Surface Duo content in the coming weeks. If you want to grab one for yourself, just hit the button below.

Microsoft Surface Duo at Amazon


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