Google plans to open its first physical retail store in New York City later this year


We’ve all heard about the “Apple experience” before, and in some cities, you can have something similar with Samsung. However, Google is one company that folks have been hoping to see a retail store, but that has yet to come to fruition. Until now.

Today, we’re announcing our plans to open Google’s first ever physical retail store, in one of the greatest cities in the world: New York. The new Google Store in Chelsea will be a space where customers can experience our hardware and services in a helpful way. We’ll be opening our doors to the public in summer 2021. 

Earlier today, Google has announced that its first physical retail store would be coming to good ole’ New York City this Summer. The store will be part of the company’s urban campus in the Chelsea neighborhood, which is convenient for the more than 11,000 Google employees that live in the surrounding boroughs.

As one might expect, the Google Store will offer the ability to purchase varying devices including Pixel devices, Chromebooks, Fitbit wearables, and much more. Google is also going to have an online storefront, allowing customers to place an order online and then head to the store to pick it up in person. But this storefront is going to be much more helpful than just acting as a place to spend your hard-earned cash.

Google has plans to show off what its family of products can do from an ecosystem perspective, along with providing something like a Genius Bar of sorts. You’ll be able to take your broken Pixel to the Google Store and have everything fixed right there. While Google has partnered with UBreakiFix in the past, having the peace of mind of being able to take devices straight to the source, will be extremely convenient.

You might be asking yourself why Google would announce a store opening, as we continue to deal with the ongoing pandemic. The company also shared details regarding the shopping experience and the precautions that it is taking to keep its customers and employees safe.

Masks, hand sanitation and social distancing will be required in the Google Store, and we’ll clean all spaces multiple times a day. The number of guests inside will be limited to ensure our customers feel safe during their shopping experience, and easy pickup options will also be available.

We don’t have an exact “grand opening” date as of yet, other than just knowing that this new store is coming this Summer. But it will definitely be awesome to walk into a Google Store, see what is on offer, and grab some cool stuff instead of dealing with having things shipped.


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