Clubhouse for Android set for a worldwide launch in a week


Last week, Clubhouse for Android officially launched in beta. At the time of launch, the app was only available in the US, which meant that those living outside the US would not be able to access it, but that is set to change later this week.

According to TechCrunch, it seems that Clubhouse will be expanding on its availability this week where they will be rolling out the app to more countries around the world. Clubhouse claims that the initial rollout will be to Japan, Brazil, and Russia starting on Tuesday, before it moves onto Nigeria and India a few days later, and the rest of the world should be able to access the app by Friday afternoon.

Before you get too excited at the prospect of joining one of the newest and most exciting social networks, do note that Clubhouse will still be invite-only despites global availability. This means that you will need to find someone who has an invite to invite you to join the platform.

Clubhouse did previously state that they will eventually drop this invite-only solution later in the year where they will be expanding on their servers to make it more accessible for more users, but until then, you’ll have to find someone with an invite to let you in.

Source: TechCrunch

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