Vivo commits to three years of major Android updates for select devices


There’s a lot to be said when it comes to deciphering the abomination that has become the system behind Android software updates. Apple continues to blow everyone else out of the water, while Samsung has even upstaged Google by providing up to four years of security updates. Coupled with three years of major Android updates, and it seems that at least a few manufacturers are getting on the right track.

Vivo is the latest company to announced a newfound commitment to providing timely software updates. In a press release (via 9to5Google), Vivo confirmed that it will be providing three years of Android updates for select devices, namely, its flagship “Vivo X” series of devices. Any “flagship X series” device released after July 2021 will receive “three years of major Android OS upgrades and security updates”.

So what about those with devices that have already been released, or launched before the July 2021 cutoff? Vivo confirmed that those may not see major Android OS updates, but will “continue to receive regular Android security updates”. It’s also important to note that Vivo points it this policy will only cover the European, Australian, and Indian markets.

It would also appear that Oppo is following suit, but again with some limitations. Speaking to Android Planet, Oppo confirmed that it has changed its update guidelines and will provide three years of security updates for the Find X3 Neo, X3 Lite, and X3 Pro. Apparently, Oppo is also looking into extending this even further, providing up to four years of updates instead of just three.

For reference, Google already provides three years of updates to its devices, and Samsung has adjusted its practices to provide up to four years of updates. Meanwhile, OnePlus still seems lost as to what it should do, after being one of the best in the business for a few years.

Although the update changes are limited to certain devices, it’s still fantastic to see OEMs getting on board with providing a longer lifespan with updates. Hopefully, we can see this number pushed even further, but four years for a single phone is already pretty impressive as it is for Android devices.


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