OPPO rumored to be working on its first foldable phone featuring an LTPO display


When you think about foldable smartphones, the first companies that come to mind are likely Samsung, Huawei, and maybe Xiaomi or Motorola. However, another phone maker is rumored to be working on a new foldable, and it could only be a matter of time before we see OPPO’s offering.

A new rumor suggests that OPPO is developing a clamshell phone, similar to the Moto RAZR and the Galaxy Z Flip. The device reportedly measures around 2-inches when folded will unfold to reveal a 7-inch display. However, instead of relying on traditional 60Hz refresh rates, the OPPO clamshell could make use of an LTPO display which will provide a much faster and more versatile refresh rate. We’ve seen LTPO displays launch with the Galaxy S21 Ultra and OnePlus 9 Pro, and this allows the refresh rates to automatically adjust from just 1Hz and go all the way up to 120Hz.

The other benefit of using an LTPO display over the standard panels is that these are more battery efficient, enabling phone makers to provide all-day battery life even when using these faster refresh rates. Although OPPO filed patents for a new rotating hinge that allows the display to unfold at varying angles, the leaks have not stated whether this new hinge will be used or not.

We also aren’t sure as to when this rumored OPPO clamshell device could make its debut, however, we wouldn’t be surprised to see something announced or teased before the end of the year. Samsung is easily leading the way when it comes to the foldable market, but competition is good and even if the OPPO clamshell doesn’t shock the world, there’s nothing wrong with having more options.

Source: Weibo via PlayfulDroid

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