Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s battery could leave many disappointed


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be the third handset in Samsung’s Galaxy Fold series of foldable handsets. It’s a phone that can be opened up into a mini tablet of sorts, and conceptually, it’s actually really, really clever. Unfortunately, it seems that some of you might end up a bit disappointed.

This is because according to a recent 3C certification sighting in China, it seems that the battery size for the upcoming handset is going to be smaller than we would have liked. The agency certified two batteries – EB-BF926ABY and EB-BF927ABY – with the former having a 2,060mAh capacity, while the latter has a 2,215mAh capacity.

This means that combined, the phone will have a total of 4,275mAh of battery. On any normal smartphone, this could be considered somewhat decent, but on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it feels insufficient. This is because like we said, the hybrid nature of the device means that it probably will be used in a different way than a regular phone, so having a larger battery could help keep the lights on for a longer period of time.

In fact, to give you some context, the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s battery size is 4,500mAh, which means that even if Samsung were to be generous with the rounding up the battery size, it will still fall slightly short. It is possible that maybe these figures aren’t accurate, but for now, color us disappointed.

Source: SamMobile

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