Google Fi’s new “Simply Unlimited” data plan is a lot more reasonable


One of the things to love about Google Fi is that its service and pricing is somewhat more straightforward compared to your traditional carrier. They offer a basic plan that comes with a small amount of data for users who don’t use a lot of data, and charges $10 per GB once you’ve hit the cap.

They then have a more expensive unlimited plan that also offers international roaming for data when you’re overseas, perfect for the avid traveller. But what if you don’t travel a lot but still want unlimited data? Here’s where you’re in luck. Google has announced their new “Simply Unlimited” plan that sits in the middle of both their previous Google Fi plans.

This new plan is priced $30-$60 per line depending on how many devices you have attached to it, and it offers everything that the previous unlimited plan has, just without the international roaming. Like we said, if you’re not someone who travels a lot, especially with the pandemic still raging on, then this could be a good choice.

There will still be a soft cap where upon hitting 22GB, your speeds will slow. This is higher than the base Google Fi plane which caps out at 15GB. It should be noted though, that unlike the base plan where you can pay $10 per GB while you’re roaming, there is no such option for this particular plan.

If you’re interested in signing up, then head on over to Google Fi’s website for the details.

Source: Google

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