Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra gets eSIM support for T-Mobile


If you own the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and you bought the phone from T-Mobile, then you might be interested to learn that the carrier has recently pushed out an update for the handset. With this update, T-Mobile is adding support for eSIM on the phone.

While phones that support eSIM aren’t exactly new, this is actually the first Samsung smartphone in North America to support eSIM, so it might be worth checking out the update if you haven’t updated your phone already. With the support of eSIM, users will be able to continue using their phones like a dual SIM phone, except that you only need one physical SIM instead of two.

Some of the added advantages of eSIM is that when you travel, you can keep your main phone number in the eSIM while the number you use in the place you’re visiting can be from a physical SIM. This is because in some countries, tourist SIM cards are still only available in physical format, so keeping the physical slot free means you still get to keep your main number active in case of emergency.

Right now this is only available for the Galaxy Note 20, but this could also be a sign that Samsung and other US carriers could eventually expand support for the Galaxy S21 lineup, although we don’t know if or when that will happen.

Source: XDA Developers

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