Apr 8th, 2021

When Samsung announced that the Galaxy S21 would come with support for the S Pen, this led to many wondering what this meant. Could this mean we could see S Pen support for future devices? Samsung later confirmed that they would bring S Pen support to more phones in the future, so does that include the Galaxy Z Fold 3?

We have heard rumors that this could happen, and a recently discovered patent by Patently Apply seems to have “confirmed” it. According to the patent they found, it shows how a phone shaped very much like the Galaxy Z Fold series has support for stylus, or in the case of Samsung, the S Pen.

The patent shows how the S Pen used with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 could allow users to write words on the display and have it convert to text. It also shows how users can use the stylus to draw and edit photographs. The S Pen has been found in Samsung tablets in the past so this shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but it makes sense that Samsung would include it in a device like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that would have a larger surface to write on.

At the moment Samsung has yet to confirm a launch date for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but when it does get announced, don’t be surprised if support for the S Pen is part of the phone’s features.

Source: Patently Apple

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