Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases from VRS Design


If you’re here for slim cases, you might want to go check out our overview of the best Incipio cases. VRS Design is here with some rugged options in-tow for those who want to leave their wallets at home or if you just want something a bit more rugged than you might find elsewhere. VRS does an excellent job of providing unique cases, while still being able to protect all sides of your fancy, new Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Damda Glide Pro – Editor’s Choice

There’s just something about being able to leave your wallet behind and just take your phone with you that cannot be understated. If you don’t want to deal with a PopWallet or a folio case, then the Damda Glide Pro is your next best choice. The case is capable of housing up to 5 cards (in our testing), with the sliding mechanism being strong enough that you have to put a little bit of force in order to access your cards. This is extremely convenient as you don’t want the built-in wallet to accidentally open while you’re out and about.

Damda QuickStand Pro

Since the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a fantastic device for media consumption, it makes sense that you might find yourself wanting to prop it up from time to time. Well, instead of trying to keep that cup on your desk from falling over when the Ultra is propped up against, why not get something like the Damda QuickStand Pro? The case features a built-in kickstand while providing all of the protection you could want from a rugged case. You’ll even find extra ridges and grips on both sides so you have less of a chance of dropping your phone.

Crystal Mixx Pro 

The Crystal Mixx Pro from VRS Design is a rather unique case, but you wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance. You’ll find a semi-transparent backplate that allows the Samsung logo to show through, and the buttons are nice, tactile, and downright clicky. But there’s another benefit of the Crystal Mixx Pro with its lanyard cutout on the bottom right corner. The company includes a basic lanyard in the box, so if you want to carry your phone with you, and want to save pocket space, this is the way to go.


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