The Casio GSW-H1000 is the company’s first Wear OS-powered G-Shock smartwatch


Every time there’s a conversation or mention of a new Wear OS smartwatch, we are reminded that the Android smartwatch market just really isn’t all that exciting. Casio is here to try and throw some fun into the mix by offering its first Wear OS-powered G-Shock smartwatch with the GSW-H1000. However, this isn’t really the kind of smartwatch designed for the “everyday” person.

Retaining the classic look of a G-Shock with the same branding in all of the same places, Casio went the extra mile to combine smarts and function into its latest watch. There’s a dual-layer 1.2-inch display, reminiscent of the TicWatch Pro lineup, with a color LCD screen providing your Wear OS interface, along with an always-on LCD display for showing the time and everything else.

We aren’t sure what’s powering the G-Shock GSW-H1000, but Casio claims that the watch will last for a day and a half when using the color LCD panel, and up to 30 days when only using the always-on LCD display. Then, you can go from 0-100% in about three hours which should be fine for most, especially if you want to charge your watch overnight.

As for what other features the GSW-H1000 has in-tow, there are a lot of fitness-focused sensors built in. These include an optical heart rate monitor, GPS, compass, altitude sensor, accelerometer, and gyrometer. Casio’s software, along with the accompanying app for Android or iOS makes it possible for this new G-Shock smartwatch to keep track of up to 24 different indoor workouts, and 15 different “activities”. Keeping with the tradition of ruggedness offered by G-Shock watches of the past, the GSW-H1000 is rated for water resistance at a depth of up to 200 meters, making this perfect for someone who wants to go for a dive with Wear OS.

Now here’s the kicker. When the GSW-H1000 goes on sale in May, it will retail for $700. Admittedly, as a fan of Casio’s G-Shock watches, I thought this was some April Fools joke. But that’s not the case, as the watch is already listed on the company’s UK website, while you will have to wait a bit longer to sign up for updates if you live in the U.S.

Sources: Casio UK via Engadget

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