Verizon will be shutting down its 3G network in 2022


Remember years ago when 3G was new and how it was such a revolutionary technology, especially over 2G/Edge? These days, whenever we see the 3G logo popup on our phones, we can only sigh or groan because it essentially means that all our online activity has been slowed to a crawl.

We are indeed spoilt when it comes to internet speeds these days, and with 5G starting to become the new standard, Verizon has announced that come 31st December, 2022, the carrier will be officially shutting down its 3G network. It shouldn’t really be a surprise because like we said, 4G has been the standard for a while now and 5G is in the early stages of taking over.

Verizon has given advanced warning to their customers since 2016 where they first announced their plans to eventually decommission their 3G network. In fact, the carrier had originally intended for the network to be shut down in 2020, but decided to extend it by a couple more years to give customers more time to make the switch to a device that supports 4G or better.

For those who are still holding onto their 3G-only devices, Verizon has advised them to make the switch. They will still have a little over 1.5 years so there is no need to rush, but it’s something that should be looked into.

Source: Verizon

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