Mar 31st, 2021

A couple of years ago, Google started a new practice for its Pixel phones by launching the “A” series. This started with the Pixel 3a in 2019 which was basically a more affordable version of the Pixel 3. Google has continued that practice since, but it seems that they might now be applying that strategy to its headphones.

A recent rumor suggested that Google could launch new Pixel Buds alongside the Pixel 5a, and now a new report from 9to5Google claims that apparently these earphones will be known as the Pixel Buds A. These Pixel Buds are said to be similar in design to the previous-gen Pixel Buds, but it will come in different colors, which right now the publication can confirm will be in white and green.

As for its features, it doesn’t seem to be any different from the previous-gen models. They are expected to come with touch controls for media playback and access to Google Assistant. This means that the main difference and selling point would be the fact that since this is an “A” designation product, it will be cheaper than the current models.

In some ways this isn’t a new practice. In the past, companies like Apple have kept older models of certain products around as an affordable alternative to the current flagship, so if this is what Google is doing, no surprises there. Either way, here’s hoping that we’ll have more details about these earphones soon.

Source: 9to5Google

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