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The default PDF reading tools that the majority of users access in their daily routine do not offer the PDF editor with the free version. One has to purchase their premium plans to edit PDF documents, which could be an expensive endeavor. However, it is possible to manage the PDF file. There are several online pdf editors that provide a reliable platform for users to complete the task.

CocoDoc is among the best pdf editors online. In this post, we will discuss the ins and outs of the online service and how it is different from other services.

Part 1: What Is CocoDoc? 

Premium desktop PDF editors are expensive and disrupt the overall efficiency of a low-end PC. Moreover, in an old system, they could cause latency issues, which would take a hefty amount of time to finish the job. Not only that, but users had to convert the PDF files to Word documents to edit them, which was not an organized solution.

Under such circumstances, online platforms such as CocoDoc provide a reasonable and instant alternative to edit a pdf file. CocoDoc is an all-purpose online PDF editor. It enables users to manage everything related to the PDF file that is not possible with free desktop software. The user-friendly interface lets the user perform the PDF editing task quickly in a secure environment. 

Moreover, it is an online pdf editor, which means one can easily access it on any device or platform to edit PDF files. It also offers to convert said PDF document to various other formats, including Word, Excel, PPt, and more.

Besides, one can make the entire document presentable by accessing CocoDoc’s cutting-edge toolbar. We will discuss the toolbar and other utilities offered by CocoDoc in the next section of this post.

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Part 2: What Does CocoDoc Provide?

An online tool is only as good as the potency and vastness of the features it offers or supports. CocoDoc is a well-founded online PDF editor that has a wide variety of services in its tally. This section will share what those features are and how they assist a user in editing PDFs conveniently.

Compress and Convert PDF Files

The majority of users prefer to store their PDF documents on their cloud storage accounts. However, on most occasions, they complain about the low storage capacity of such services. CocoDoc understands the dilemma. It covers the gap by offering the compression feature to reduce the PDF file size, enabling the users to upload more content on the cloud. 

Convert from PDF 

CocoDoc also enables the users to change the PDF files to Word, convert them from PDF to Excel, PPT, and JPG format. This whole endeavor makes it easier for the individual to open the files on different devices, especially if they do not support the PDF format, due for any reason.

Convert to PDF 

PDF files are a bit challenging to edit. If you wish to prevent other users from editing the contents of your Word, Excel, or PPT documents, then it is recommended to convert them to PDF. CocoDoc provides a professional setup that can convert MS-Office documents and even JPG images to PDF, within a few minutes.

Edit PDF Instantly

CocoDoc is a free pdf editor online that enables users to edit the text and images in a PDF file for free. One can easily manage the font and its size while adding new content to the document as well. Moreover, it lets users add timestamps, notes, and even checkmarks in a PDF. 

One can also add their personal or company signature for branding purposes. Furthermore, they can erase any content such as text or images available on the PDF in an instant. 

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Makes the PDF Secure

It could be risky if one aims to share their PDF document with confidential information across several devices or platforms. Whenever such a case occurs, it is wise to encrypt the PDF file with a strong password. 

Moreover, the CocoDoc PDF editor offers password protection with the assistance of modern encryption methods to keep the file safe, you can encrypt and protect pdf online. It certainly helps in preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing the important contents available within the PDF. 

Part 3: How to Use CocoDoc for Free?

One can edit pdf for free using the online CocoDoc editor without any hassle. Moreover, the tool is accessible from any modern-day web browser, which means one can perform PDF editing on the go! In this section, we will share the quickest method to edit PDFs with CocoDoc.

The step-by-step guide to use the pdf editor for free is as follows:

Step 1: Access the PDF Editor section of CocoDoc from the platform’s official site. From there, upload the PDF document using the drag and drop feature. Moreover, one can upload the files directly from cloud storage platforms, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive. Additionally, the user can import the PDF straight from the URL using the web-integration module.

Step 2: Once the PDF file is uploaded, one can edit it using the CocoDoc toolbar as they please. Here, all the notable features, such as adding data, signs, images, and text box are available. Proceed to the next step after completing the editing.

Step 3: Lastly, click on the Download tab available on the top-right corner of the interface to save the edited PDF back to the computer. 

Part 4: What Makes CocoDoc the Best PDF Editor?

User convenience is necessary to make a service stand out amongst its competitors. This free online pdf editor offers an intuitive service that makes the whole task easy and accessible for users of every background. Here, we will show you what makes it the top PDF editor.

  • Easy to Use 

    The service is user-friendly and lets the user edit PDF online by following three easy steps. The whole process saves time and is extremely simple.

  • 100% Free to convert PDF Online 

    PDF editing is usually an expensive practice. The premium service of most PDF readers only offers the editing feature with their premium plans. However, it is not the case anymore. With CocoDoc, one can easily edit, convert, or compress PDF files for free.

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  • No Software Installation Needed 

    It is an online pdf editor that points out that there is no such requirement to add any software to the device. Besides, it means that one can easily edit PDF files or use the free pdf editor online through the browser of any device or platform, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

  • Secure and Private 

    The online PDF editor goes to great lengths to preserve the uploaded PDF file’s security and privacy. The documents remain encrypted so much that even CocoDoc’s employees can not access them. Moreover, it implements a different set of measures to keep the platform and servers secure from outside threats.

Part 5: CocoDoc FAQs

  1. Which version of Android and iOS does CocoDoc support?
    CocoDoc is an online platform to edit PDF files or convert them. It means that you can perform the activity on any version of Android or iOS as long as the device has a working browser installed on it. Moreover, the premium package users can manage their PDF documents using dedicated apps for Android and iOS.
  2. Is it possible to upload the PDF file from the cloud storage accounts?
    Yes, you can import the PDF document to CocoDoc from your Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox account to edit it. However, once you finalize the editing process, you would have to download the file to your device before uploading it to the cloud.
  3. Does CocoDoc offer a free trial for the users to test the premium features?
    CocoDoc offers a 14-day free trial period to let potential clients use or test advanced features.

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Wrapping Up

It is pretty understandable that users could be skeptical about using online platforms as it could potentially compromise their data security. However, CocoDoc ensures the complete safety of the uploaded file and the user’s payment information. 

Moreover, we found the online pdf editor to be easy to manage due to a refined interface. Still, the tool does not offer priority support and secure PDFs features with the Basic package, which could be a letdown for some. Overall, CocoDoc is a reliable service and a worthy alternative to expensive PDF readers for desktops.

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