Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases from Incipio


When you get a shiny new phone like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the worst thing that can happen is breaking it. The S21 Ultra is made with glass on the front and back, along with a shiny aluminum frame. It may be tough Gorilla Glass, but it’s not invincible. Incipio has been around for quite a while now, and we’ve had some time with the company’s best offerings for the latest Samsung Galaxy device. Here’s a look at each one. 

Organicore – Editor’s Choice

When you’re looking for a new case, you likely don’t consider whether that case is good for the planet or not. Incipio is attempting to change that with its Orgnicore cases which are 100% compostable. This thin and lightweight case offers up to 8-feet of drop protection while providing a soft and comfortable texture around the back and edges. There’s the added benefit of having a lip around the front display so you can minimalize dealing with any potential scratches.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra is one slippery beast, even with the matte black version. Add in the larger 6.8-inch massive display and you have a one-two combo for disaster. The Incipio Grip aims to fix this with its “multi-directional grip enhancers” that can be found around the edges of the case. Between these “enhancers” and the anti-shock design inside the case, Incipio states that your phone will be able to survive a fall of up to 14-feet with the Grip case.


With the Incipio Duo, you’re looking at a case with a more-traditional dual-layer design. There’s a soft TPU inner material that provides the shock absorption you need, with the outer polycarbonate shell keeping everything in place and adding rigidity. But instead of only focusing on protecting your S21 Ultra from damage, the Incipio Duo also features a new antimicrobial treatment that “prevents 99.9% of surface bacteria”. The coating isn’t anything that you’ll notice when using the case, so you won’t have to deal with a slippery case on top of your slippery phone.


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