Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases


Even though Samsung dropped the price of the Galaxy S21 Ultra compared to the S20 Ultra from last year, it’s still quite an expensive device. And with Samsung’s renewed commitment to software updates, you’re going to want to make sure that your new phone will last for a few years. That means that you’re going to want to find a case that works for you and your needs. Thankfully, we have been able to go hands-on with some of the best cases from some of the best case-makers, and here’s our take on the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases.

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases from Incipio

Organicore – Editor’s Choice

When you’re looking for a new case, you likely don’t consider whether that case is good for the planet or not. Incipio is attempting to change that with its Orgnicore cases which are 100% compostable. This thin and lightweight case offers up to 8-feet of drop protection while providing a soft and comfortable texture around the back and edges. There’s the added benefit of having a lip around the front display so you can minimalize dealing with any potential scratches.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra is one slippery beast, even with the matte black version. Add in the larger 6.8-inch massive display and you have a one-two combo for disaster. The Incipio Grip aims to fix this with its “multi-directional grip enhancers” that can be found around the edges of the case. Between these “enhancers” and the anti-shock design inside the case, Incipio states that your phone will be able to survive a fall of up to 14-feet with the Grip case.


With the Incipio Duo, you’re looking at a case with a more-traditional dual-layer design. There’s a soft TPU inner material that provides the shock absorption you need, with the outer polycarbonate shell keeping everything in place and adding rigidity. But instead of only focusing on protecting your S21 Ultra from damage, the Incipio Duo also features a new antimicrobial treatment that “prevents 99.9% of surface bacteria”. The coating isn’t anything that you’ll notice when using the case, so you won’t have to deal with a slippery case on top of your slippery phone.

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases from Otterbox

Otterbox Defender Pro – Editor’s Choice

Back in the old days, the standard Otterbox Defender was the de-facto choice for having the most protection on your phone. Now that has been supplanted by the Defender Pro, with its ability to withstand four times as many drops as the traditional military standard that you find in other cases. Otterbox also includes a holster that doubles as a kickstand for those times where you want to sit back and watch some YouTube or Netflix.

Otter Pop + Symmetry

Since the Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the largest and tallest phones on the market, it makes sense for you to want to grab a PopSocket and throw it on the back. But with the Otter Pop + Symmetry, you’ll be able to use both the PopSocket and have a case on your phone at the same time. The Symmetry case is one of the best options out there already, so including a built-in PopSocket is a no-brainer.

Otterbox Strada Via

There aren’t too many folio wallet cases available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, outside of the first-party cases from Samsung directly. The problem with those options, however, is that they aren’t exactly the most protective cases out there. Otterbox has remedied this with the Strada Via, a new folio case that includes a card slot on the inner flap, along with a magnetic latch to keep the folio closed when you’re not using your phone.

Otterbox Symmetry

In years past, the Symmetry featured a two-piece construction, but Otterbox has ditched those ideas in favor of an all-in-one solution. The Symmetry sports a rather large cutout on the back around the camera hump, but that’s to help ensure that you won’t end up with any accidental scratches on any of the cameras here. The buttons are nice and tactile, and the case itself has a textured finish which helps to improve grip along with the TPU/Polycarbonate combination around the edges.

Otterbox Defender

The Defender Pro is quite a formidable case for those who want as much rugged protection as possible. But the problem with that case is that it’s rather thick and bulky for some. That’s where the traditional Otterbox Defender comes in, providing almost the same amount of great protection, without all of the added bulk and weight. You’ll find a dual-layer design with a polycarbonate inner shell that you have to install your phone into, and then the outer TPU enclosure for added shock absorption. Just like the Defender Pro, Otterbox includes a belt clip for the standard Defender if that’s your kind of thing.

Otterbox Commuter

The Otterbox Commuter is the slimmest case out of the group, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices protection just for the sake of being slimmer. There’s a dual-layer design here with a TPU inner shell providing the shock absorption and a polycarbonate outer shell to keep the TPU shell in place. Otterbox even added some cutouts on the backside of the case to help with the grip, while ensuring that your buttons are still accessible and tactile.

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases from Gear4

Copenhagen – Editor’s Choice

Gear4’s Copenhagen may seem just like your standard TPU case, but the truth is that it’s made from 52% renewable resources, and this means that you can actually just recycle the case after you’ve moved on to a newer device. There aren’t very many cases out there that can say that, as you usually just end up throwing them in the trash if they’ve been broken or are no longer useful. The case provides 13-feet of drop protection and features the same antimicrobial coating found on other Gear4 cases.

Crystal Palace

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is an absolutely beautiful device, so you likely don’t want to hide its beauty under a bulky and generic case. Gear4’s Crystal Palace solves that problem, as this case is 100% clear, while featuring the company’s D3O technology for better impact protection thanks to its flexible material. This technology ensures that your phone will be more than fine after a drop, with a drop rating of up to 13-feet.


Stepping things up a notch, the Gear4 Denali case provides up to 16-feet of drop protection, thanks to the reinforced D3O material on the backplate. The case is slim enough to still be compatible with most wireless chargers and is largely comprised of recycled plastics so you can feel good about helping the environment.


The Gear4 Havana is more of a traditional TPU case with a smokey colorway, but still providing up to 10-feet of drop protection. The case is a bit slippery to the touch out of the box but has ridges on the back and sides of the case to help improve your grip when using the Galaxy S21 Ultra. And with Gear4’s RepelFlex, there’s an antimicrobial coating that will prevent any odor-causing bacteria from finding a new home on your case.

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Case from VRS Design

Damda Glide Pro – Editor’s Choice

There’s just something about being able to leave your wallet behind and just take your phone with you that cannot be understated. If you don’t want to deal with a PopWallet or a folio case, then the Damda Glide Pro is your next best choice. The case is capable of housing up to 5 cards (in our testing), with the sliding mechanism being strong enough that you have to put a little bit of force in order to access your cards. This is extremely convenient as you don’t want the built-in wallet to accidentally open while you’re out and about.

Damda QuickStand Pro

Since the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a fantastic device for media consumption, it makes sense that you might find yourself wanting to prop it up from time to time. Well, instead of trying to keep that cup on your desk from falling over when the Ultra is propped up against, why not get something like the Damda QuickStand Pro? The case features a built-in kickstand while providing all of the protection you could want from a rugged case. You’ll even find extra ridges and grips on both sides so you have less of a chance of dropping your phone.

Crystal Mixx Pro 

The Crystal Mixx Pro from VRS Design is a rather unique case, but you wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance. You’ll find a semi-transparent backplate that allows the Samsung logo to show through, and the buttons are nice, tactile, and downright clicky. But there’s another benefit of the Crystal Mixx Pro with its lanyard cutout on the bottom right corner. The company includes a basic lanyard in the box, so if you want to carry your phone with you, and want to save pocket space, this is the way to go.

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases from Samsung

Silicone Case – Editor’s Choice

It doesn’t get much more barebones than this when it comes to cases for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. As it does with the release of every new flagship phones, Samsung released a basic Silicone case for the S21 Ultra. You have four different colors to choose from, and there’s a little cutout on the bottom left corner if you want to tie in a lanyard of some sort. If you’re looking to keep a slim profile with your bulky phone, this is the way to go.

S-View Cover

When the S-View Cover was originally released, it seemed more like a gimmick case than anything else, but we have continued to see new versions released with every new flagship. The S-View Cover for the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes in two different colors and provides a window to view the time, date, battery life, and icons for the different apps that are sending you notifications. You can even use this window to answer phone calls or control your music, all without ever actually opening the case.

Leather Cover

There’s just something about having a leather case on your phone that can really make it feel like its a personalized case, just for you. Of course, all of the leather cases look the same out of the box, but as the leather wears and forms a patina, that’s when the unique-ness of the case shows itself. You’ll get a good amount of protection, plus there’s a pretty cool-looking metallic guard around the camera that doesn’t hinder the flash or get in the way of the camera sensors.

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Case from Lifeproof

WĀKE – Editor’s Choice

When Lifeproof hit the market years ago, the company solely focused on providing a completely waterproof solution for those who wanted the most rugged case possible. The new WĀKE case is a slight step down from that, as it just provides a single one-piece design. But it’s also made from more than 85% ocean-based content and includes recyclable packaging. This case is compatible with most wireless chargers, and is drop-proof for up to two meters.


Those looking for a more traditional Lifeproof case will want to check out the NËXT line of cases, as this features a duial-layer design. There’s a soft TPU outer bumper that helps keep the two pieces of polycarbonate materials in place, while sealing up the charging port on the bottom so you don’t get any dust or water in there accidentally. The only difference here from the Lifeproof cases of yore is the fact that there is no screen protector built-in. But you can rest easy knowing that the rest of your phone is protected.

Pitaka Galaxy S21 Ultra Case – Editor’s Choice

Even the Matte Black Galaxy S21 Ultra is a slippery phone, as the only real thing there to provide any grip is the metallic frame. But with a phone as slim and sleek as this one, you don’t necessarily want to lose out on that slim form-factor just to get some protection. That’s where Pitaka comes in with its Air Case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The case measures in at just 0.2-inches thick and weighs just 0.38 ounces. This is done using 600D aramid fiber, which also adds some extra grip to the phone, and truthfully, it doesn’t even feel like there’s a case on the phone, unless you actually look at the buttons and the charging port at the bottom.


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