Concept renders show what the Google Pixel Fold could look like


While Google’s gearing up to launch some new Pixel Buds and presumably the Pixel 5a in a few months, our eyes are starting to look beyond that for another device release. The rumor mill is ramping up surrounding a supposed “Google Pixel Fold” that is said to be in the works.

At this point, we’ve seen a few rumors suggesting that Google has tapped Samsung for providing the displays, which comes as no surprise. Samsung has been the industry leader in the foldable smartphone department, with its combination of high-quality design and incredible displays that are found on the likes of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Z Fold 2.

Notorious-leaker Jon Prosser has been expanding his repertoire and dipping his toes more in the Android world, as opposed to sticking to Apple rumors. Prosser claims that the Google Pixel “Fold” is a “real” thing. But as expected, there’s no way to tell when or if this device will actually come to fruition or if we’re destined for another Pixel Ultra debacle.

There have been a few different renders of what a potential Google Pixel Fold could look like, and the latest one gives us a fantastic idea of what to expect. The device itself seems to feature a design strikingly similar to that of Samsung’s Z Fold 2, but that shouldn’t really come as any surprise. However, this rendering shows the hole-punch camera cutout to be placed in the top left-hand corner, just like what is found on the Pixel 5. This would actually be a welcome change, considering that the inner camera on the Z Fold 2 is placed in the center of the right-side in the inner-display.

The creator of this concept design, Waqar Khan, states that this render is based on the current design of the Pixel 5, which is why we don’t see any radical changes to things like the camera module. Nevertheless, there’s really no telling what Google’s foldable smartphone will end up looking like at this point.

While we continue awaiting the arrival of S Pen support for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, a stock Android version of a foldable device has us wanting more. Please Google, don’t cancel this.


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