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The US ban on Huawei has placed the company in a bit of a sticky situation. Mobile used to be a field that Huawei dominated in, whether it was providing infrastructure for countries for telecommunications, or creating amazing smartphones with spectacular hardware, but that has changed in the past few years.

So what’s Huawei to do? Maybe move into a different field. Electric cars, perhaps.

This is according to a report from various sources who claims that Huawei is now planning on entering the electric vehicles market and could even launch several models later this year. These sources claim that the Chinese company is in talks with various China automobile manufacturers to help them build their own electric car.

This is a huge deal for Huawei if the rumors are true, although one that we’re not sure is the right move. Huawei has no experience in automobiles so we’re not sure how they will be able to convince customers to start spending money on Huawei-branded cars. A company spokesperson has since denied the rumors, claiming that Huawei’s interest in automobiles is more about providing the technology behind it rather than building the car themselves.

“Huawei is not a car manufacturer. However through ICT (information and communications technology), we aim to be a digital car-oriented and new-added components provider, enabling car OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to build better vehicles.”

Huawei’s HarmonyOS, which is expected to debut in the Huawei P50 series, could be the company’s way in. Huawei has stated in the past that HarmonyOS will be more than just about smartphones, so using it for automobiles seems like a possibility.

In any case, how does the idea of a Huawei-branded car sound to you? Does it inspire confidence and excitement?

Source: Reuters

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