Samsung and AMD’s partnership could be for a laptop, not smartphone


In addition to making smartphones, Samsung makes laptops as well. The company’s laptops are pretty standard fare, nothing to shout about, but it seems that Samsung could have new laptops brewing that are pretty exciting. This is according to a report from ZDNet Korea who suggests that the company’s upcoming laptops could be powered by Samsung’s own Exynos chipsets while sporting AMD GPUs.

Back in 2019, Samsung and AMD announced that they would be working together on mobile GPUs. Earlier this year, Samsung teased that their next flagship product would feature the use of AMD’s GPUs. It was assumed that they were talking about smartphones, but the report now suggests that this new Exynos chipset could actually be making its way into a laptop.

Samsung has created laptops in the past powered by ARM-based chipsets, but those laptops were made using Qualcomm’s chipsets, so this would be the first time the Exynos chipset is being used in a computer. In a way, it shouldn’t be surprising. In 2020, Apple launched new Mac computers powered by their own Apple Silicon. For the most part, it has been pretty well-received and could spark a change in how we think of computers.

We’ve also seen other companies like Microsoft who have attempted something similar in the past, so an Exynos powered Samsung laptop isn’t entirely out of the question. The use of AMD GPUs will also help give Samsung an edge, or at least that’s what we’re hoping. The Exynos powered laptop is expected to be launched in the second half of the year after the release of the next Galaxy Note.

Source: ZDNet Korea

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