Feb 23rd, 2021

One of the features Netflix offers its subscribers is the ability to download shows to watch them offline. This is useful if you are planning on traveling somewhere and you don’t think you’ll have an internet connection, like on a plane, while you’re overseas, and so on, but you also want to stay connected and watch your favorite shows.

The company already has a smart downloads feature that downloads future episodes of shows that you’re currently watching, but recently, Netflix has introduced another automated download feature called “Downloads For You”.

What this does is that based on the shows you’ve watched, Netflix will download other shows that are in a similar vein for you automatically. If you trust Netflix’s recommendations, then this could be a cool way of ensuring you’ll always have something to watch in offline mode.

How to turn on Downloads For You

  1. Launch Netflix and go to the Downloads tab
  2. Toggle on Downloads For You
  3. Choose the amount of space you want to allocate for the feature. You’ll be able to choose either 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB. This is on purpose to ensure that you won’t accidentally download Netflix’s entire catalogue and blow through your smartphone’s storage.

Downloads For You VS Smart Downloads

Like we said, Netflix has another feature called Smart Downloads. The main difference is that Downloads For You will proactively download shows it thinks you enjoy watching based on your interests. This could mean that there might be shows in there you might not necessarily enjoy as you don’t really get to pick what gets downloaded.

With Smart Downloads, Netflix will download episodes of shows you’re already watching and delete old ones. This means that it will, for sure, download shows that you like to watch (presumably because you’re already watching it), but then it might not necessarily be that great for discovery.

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