5 Best Google Photos alternatives for online backups


Last year, Google announced that they will no longer be offering users free and unlimited photo storage on Google Photos. For those unfamiliar, Google Photos used to offer a free and unlimited storage option if you kept photos below a certain megapixel count, which is great for those who don’t necessarily need to take photos at 108MP.

This offer will be coming to an end this coming June, and if you’re not thrilled by this and want to move your photo backups somewhere else, here are some of the options that we’ve found that might be worth your consideration.

If you’re a Mac user, then using iCloud to backup your photos might be a better idea than using Google Photos. This is because of how Apple seamlessly integrates its services across its products, meaning that photos taken on your iPhone can be (almost) immediately synced with your iPad, MacBook, iMac, and so on, giving your quick and easy access.

iCloud also syncs and stores other important information about your Mac or iOS device, letting you move between devices seamlessly, so there’s an added benefit as well in addition to backing up your photos.

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