Feb 8th, 2021

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 was recently released and it is one hell of a phone in terms of performance and design. But the question is, is it necessarily the best phone out there? The term “best” can be subjective as some people are seeking other things from their phones besides raw power.

Some might be looking for a phone that has a better battery life, some want a phone that’s cheaper, some want a phone that’s more geared towards gaming, some prefer a rugged device, and so on.

To that end, we’ve put together five of the best Samsung Galaxy S21 alternatives that you should buy and hopefully you’ll be able to find a phone that better suits your needs.

If you want a phone that can perform just as well as the Galaxy S21, if not better, and boasts a better battery life? Then perhaps you won’t have to look too far because the Galaxy S21 Ultra boasts a larger battery life – 5,000mAh versus 4,000mAh. This will be quite a significant upgrade in terms of battery.

Sure, it might be more expensive, but let’s not forget that apart from a larger battery, you’ll also be getting improved cameras, a larger display, and more RAM in the process, so if you have the cash to spare, why not?

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