Feb 4th, 2021

Despite the rumors claiming that Huawei could be planning on selling off its consumer smartphone business, it seems that until an official announcement can be made, Huawei is expected to continue pushing out smartphones. In fact, the first smartphone that we can look forward to from Huawei for 2021 will actually be a folding phone in the form of the Mate X2.

This is according to a post the company made on its Weibo account where they teased an image of the upcoming phone. Given the previous name of the company’s other foldable phone, the Mate X2 makes a lot of sense, although Huawei appears to have approached its design differently.

Instead of the foldable display being placed on the outside, it seems that based on these photos, the Mate X2 will adopt a more traditional design with the foldable component placed on the inside. As for hardware, it is unclear what chipset will be powering the handset. We have heard that due to the US ban, Huawei is having difficulty producing their own Kirin chipsets and could turn to MediaTek.

In any case, the handset will be announced on the 22nd of February, so more details should be revealed then. It will be interesting to see how this will fare against Samsung’s other foldables, and also how much it will cost when the original Huawei foldable was priced close to $3,000.

Source: Engadget

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