Feb 4th, 2021

If you’re been thinking about picking up an eReader to upgrading to a new Kindle, this may be a perfect time. The Amazon Kindle, the go-to eBook reader for most, and the Kindle Paperwhite are currently on sale!

Amazon has quite a few different models these days, making it a bit hard to keep them all straight. The cheaper option is the ad-supported Kindle (which will display book recommendations on the screen when you’re not using it) which is currently enjoying a $25 discount, selling for only $65. For those doing the math, you’re looking at a 28 percent discount from the Kindle’s usual $90 sticker price. 

If you’re looking to spend just a bit more, the ad-supported Kindle Paperwhite is also on sale. The Paperwhite’s $130 list price has been cut by $35, resulting in a final sale price of $95. The Kindle Paperwhite offers a much sharper display for a better reading experience and an official IP rating for those interested in using the eBook reader at the beach or even in the tub. 

While you can definitely use a smartphone or a tablet to read eBooks, the experience of reading on a Kindle device is much more enjoyable. Battery life for each of these products can be measured in weeks instead of hours and the crisp e-paper displays are a lot more comfortable to look at for extended reading sessions.

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