Samsung Exynos 2100 beats out Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 in battery test


Last year, there was a petition launched by Samsung customers. These were the customers who were given the Exynos variant of Samsung’s flagship phones and they felt “cheated” because based on benchmarks and tests, it simply did not measure up to the Qualcomm variants.

Turns out, Samsung has worked really hard to change that perception. In a recent battery test conducted by PBKreviews, it seems that the Exynos 2100 powered version of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has managed to outlast the Snapdragon 888 variant, although just by a hair.

The test was conducted for 30 minutes and based on the results, the Exynos 2100 version ended up with 89% battery, while the Snapdragon 888 version finished at 86%. The difference is almost negligible, but it’s still a win for Samsung especially considering that it was just last year that they were facing a petition to stop using Exynos chipsets in their phones.

Also, what’s interesting is that in addition to battery drainage, the Exynos 2100 model finished cooler at around 40.3C versus the Snapdragon 888 whose temperature was at 42.7C. Once again, these differences are marginal, which goes to say that at the very least, both the Exynos and Qualcomm versions can be seen as (almost) on par with each other, and that’s not a bad thing.

Source: SamMobile

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