Stadia scores big with FIFA 21 heading to the platform soon


In a little over one month, Stadia gamers will finally be able to play EA’s FIFA 21 on Google’s game streaming service. EA and Stadia have announced that FIFA 21 will be available for streaming on March 17th.

While Stadia’s game library has been growing at a steady pace, quite a few gamers have complained about the lack of high-profile sports games on the platform. Besides three titles from 2K, the only other “sports” titles have been racing games. The FIFA 21 announcement comes just days after Madden 21 made its debut on Stadia.

Adding FIFA 21 and Maden 21 to Stadia is a big win for Google, but true fans of the titles will likely have already purchased the games for the gaming console or on PC since they made their debut on other platforms last fall.

With the debut of FIFA 21 in March, EA will have a handful of games available on Stadia, but we’re hoping it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If Stadia is to succeed, Google will need to double down on its efforts to secure more titles from EA and other third-party developers to ensure that their games show up on Stadia the same time that they make their debut on other gaming systems —  especially now that Google has decided to shutter if own gaming studios that were focused on first-party Stadia games.

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