AUKEY’s lineup of Omnia chargers are the perfect match for the Galaxy S21


Now that the Galaxy S21 has been unveiled, you may be wondering what you’re going to do since there is no longer a charger in the box. This is a move that sparked some criticism after Apple did this with the iPhone 12, but now, Samsung and others are following suit. The difference is that instead of including a boring old charger in the box, the one that Samsung provided its customers actually provided the charging speeds of the phone.

Chances are that you may already have a charger in the home that may work with the Galaxy S21 and its 25W wired charging speeds. But if you don’t, then you’re going to want to check out AUKEY’s lineup of Omnia chargers for these new devices, and any other devices that you may need to keep recharged on a regular basis. The company has been revamping its charger lineup, after seeing a bit of stagnation in the design department. Now, the Omnia chargers are equipped with GaN technology, which makes it possible to pack fast charging speeds in a tiny and compact package.

AUKEY Omnia 100W Charger

If you’re looking for one of the fastest chargers on the market, one that can handle the Galaxy S21 and even some laptops, then the Omnia 100W is the way to go. There are a total of four charging ports that can be found, including two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports. The two USB-C ports use AUKEY’s ‘Dynamic Detect’ technology to ensure that whatever you are charging takes full advantage of the speeds, along with ensuring that the device doesn’t charge too quickly or end up getting over-charged.

AUKEY Omnia 65W Charger

For some, the AUKEY Omnia 65W may still be a bit overkill with its charging speeds up to 65W. But that’s actually really great because that means that you’ll be able to charge the Galaxy S21 as fast as possible, while also fast-charging another device. This charger provides up to 65W of power when the USB-C port is in use by itself, or 45W if both the USB-C and USB-A ports are being used at the same time. 

AUKEY Minima 30W Charger

For those who just want a little charger that can be thrown in a bag or purse, while still fast-charging your Galaxy S21, then the AUKEY Minima is a great option. There’s just a single USB-C port, but the versatility of the Minima comes via the foldable plug that can be tucked away when not in use or while you’re traveling. Power Delivery 3.0 is on board, ensuring that your new phones are being charged as fast as possible without harming the device, or the charger.

AUKEY Omnia 61W Charger

It should come as no surprise that the Omnia lineup offers some of the fastest charging on the market, and AUKEY has another offering with the Omnia 61W charger. This compact charger only features a single port while sporting Power Delivery, making it possible to charge everything from your Galaxy S21 all the way up to a 13-inch laptop. Plus, with the foldable plug, you can take this beast of a charger with you and not worry about the prongs getting stuck in your bag.

AUKEY 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Having a wireless charger on your desk or nightstand can be extremely convenient, and AUKEY has a new 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station for you to check out. This is a modular setup, meaning that you can remove the phone stand or the Watch stand if you don’t want to use them. However, there are two coils in the stand, that are certified to work with your Galaxy S21 and will provide up to 10W of wireless charging speeds. There’s also a dedicated place on the dock to place your wireless-charging earbuds like the new Galaxy Buds Pro or the Galaxy Buds Live.


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