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With changes in technology and readily available internet, you can now access anything via your smartphone. You can install a weather forecast app on your smartphone and know the weather in advance. The weather app will alert you of forthcoming weather, including the coming storms, to prepare yourself for the day. While most smartphones come with pre-installed weather apps, you can check on the third party options which provide you with extensive customized information. You can download these weather apps either on the play store or in the Google Play Store, depending on your smartphone. This informative blog will discuss some of the best weather forecast apps you can download in 2021. Check the list below.

Dark Sky 

Dark Sky is a paid weather app in IOS which provides accurate weather information. The app is reliable, which made IOS snap it for its weather app and has gained millions of users. This app will be suitable for individuals who want to have their smart weather stations at home like the Ambient Weather WS-2000 to predict the current weather significantly.

According to weather stations experts from WeatherStationAdvisor, these smart weather stations have apps that capture the weather data from your smartphone and include other smart home features and forecasts. You can link the Dark Sky app with these smart weather stations to get the best weather prediction at your home. Dark sky also provides other additional services, including a precipitation map, hourly forecasts, and much more. 

Download Dark Sky: App Store

The weather channel

The weather channel app is freely available to both Android users and IOS smartphone users. It provides you with extensive meteorological data, including the wind, temperature, visibility, and much more on an hourly basis when set. You can also get a 10-day weather forecast, which enables you to make long term plans. The app also has interactive maps showing rainfall, weather events, and adverse weather conditions, including storms and floods. The weather channel also has the shareable feature, enabling users to share images, photos, videos, and tweets to their social media accounts. This idea helps users share the weather information with their friends and families, warning them of the weather ahead in their area.

Emergency Alerts

If you have extra space in your smartphone, the emergency alerts app is a forecast app you will not want to miss. It’s available for free for both IOS and android users and gives you emergency alerts concerning weather changes. Such emergency alerts come from the American Red Cross or other approved bodies. The emergency alerts include the hurricane, extreme heat, floods, winter storms, and much more. Besides giving your emergencies in the area you live, you can get alerts from other locations, enabling you to know if your loved ones living in those areas are safe. These emergency alerts are useful for preparedness and also to ask for help in case of adverse situations.

The best part is that Emergency Alerts are built into Android and iOS which means you don’t need to download an extra app in order to receive them.

NOAA Radar Pro

The weather app is available on android and IOS and provides real-time weather changes and other related details you will expect from a weather app. NOAA Radar Pro is one of the best weather forecast apps for 2021, which alerts you of sudden, adverse weather changes. It sends notifications immediately there is an alert and helps make one aware of floods, snowstorms, or other dangerous weather calamities. Its main objective is to keep its users aware of adverse weather conditions to protect themselves. In its IOS version, the NOAA radar pro comes with Apple Watch compatibility, enabling users to read all alerts through the watch. The android users can download and install this app for free, but you are required to pay a one-off $1.99 to remove ads to enhance seamless operation.


The popular WeatherBug app is one of the most used smartphone weather apps, which enable its users to track a developing weather situation. The app is free to download for both android and IOS users, and it’s mostly used in North America to predict hurricanes and get spark lighting alerts. WeatherBug is also used to collect information concerning pollen count and the air quality information of any space. How does it operate? The app gets its data from satellites, weather services, and tracking stations. It also provides hyperlocal real-time information concerning the current, hourly weather and a forecast of up to 10 days.

There are thousands of weather apps to choose from, whether on android and IOS, and the list keeps on growing daily. Before doing the installation, it is essential to check on the reviews and other information to get the best app according to your needs. If planning to install a weather station in your home, it’s essential to consider getting a forecast app compatible with your smart weather station for convenience.                                                                                             


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