The Galaxy S21 could actually have a fast fingerprint scanner


Ever since Samsung and other company’s moved away from traditional fingerprint scanners, in favor for the ultrasonic versions, there have been issues. Screen protectors are extremely hit or miss, and so is the scanner when it comes to actually doing the one thing it was designed for — scanning your finger.

For one reason or another, the problems have yet to be solved, with the same sensor being used with only slight software tweaks over the past two years, including the latest devices such as the Galaxy Note 20. But Qualcomm may have just solved all of those problems for future handsets with its all-new 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2.

The company announced this new sensor, which is 50% larger than the first generation sensor. For the sake of comparisons, the original 3D Sonic Sensor measured in at 36mm², while the 2nd-generation sensor features a surface area of 64mm². This larger surface area means that the sensor is able to pick up even more biometric data, providing more accurate reading and better response. 

Qualcomm didn’t stop there, however, as the company also made the necessary changes to make Gen 2 up to 50% faster. Perhaps this new biometric sensor will actually be as fast as the ones found on the backs of phones. But only time will tell.

The great thing about this announcement is that it comes just ahead of the Galaxy S21. Qualcomm has confirmed that this new sensor will make its debut with the Galaxy S21 lineup. Here’s to hoping that the sensor, and Galaxy devices, don’t disappoint.

Source: Qualcomm

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