5 new Samsung Galaxy S21 software features we’re looking forward to


Hardware on our smartphones can only take us so far, and it is usually software that helps bring us across the line. After all, what good is a powerful phone if the software is terrible or lacking, right? That being said, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 is expected to be a beast of a phone in terms of hardware, but what about software?

Thanks to a video uploaded to YouTube by Jimmy is Promo, it has revealed some of the changes Samsung will be making to its One UI in version 3.1, and in turn, has also revealed some of the things we can look forward to, on the software front with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21.

Google Discover VS Samsung Free

As we had previously reported, it seems that with the Galaxy S21 and One UI 3.1, Samsung will allow users to finally choose to use Google Discover on the home screen. Before this, users were pretty much stuck using Samsung Free, which is obviously less than ideal. We assume there might be some who don’t mind, but at the end of the day, giving users more choice isn’t a bad thing.

S Pen support

Samsung has always tried to differentiate the S-series from the Note-series through the S Pen, but it seems that with the Galaxy S21, Samsung will blur the lines between the different lineups. If you’ve always preferred the S-series but also wanted S Pen support for jotting down notes and whatnot, your wish will come true with One UI 3.1.

Samsung’s “Continuity”

One of the advantages of locking yourself into Apple’s ecosystem is the Continuity feature, which lets you pick up where you left off on one device to another. For example, you could be browsing a website on your iPhone, but then you can switch to your iPad and just continue browsing where you left off. Samsung appears to be implementing a similar feature to the Galaxy S21 where it’ll work with other Samsung devices that you’ve signed into.

Call background videos

If you’re looking for more personalization, it seems that with One UI 3.1, Samsung will be introducing new video backgrounds for calls. There will be different videos to choose from, where one of the options involves a dancing AR emoji as well. It’s more novel than useful, but the ability to further personalize your device is always welcome.

Multi-camera Director’s View

Dubbed as Director’s View, basically what this does is that it will allow users to switch between the different cameras on the phone while they are shooting a video. Given that our phone comes with different cameras, obviously, it would be nice if we could take advantage of all of them when we are shooting, and this feature will allow users to do just that.

Samsung will be officially unveiling the Galaxy S21 on the 14th of January, 2021, so check back with us to learn more about the phone and its features then.

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