Christmas Hot Sale: VIP-SCDkey Windows 10 PRO OEM only for $14!


It’s the end of the year and you know what this means – time for holiday sales! If you’re trying to throw together a new PC or upgrade an existing PC, you obviously will need a copy of Windows 10.

The retail license of Windows 10 isn’t necessarily too expensive, but at the same time, if you can save some money on that front and use it towards buying other things or upgrading other pieces of hardware, why wouldn’t you? That’s what VIP-SCDkey’s Christmas sale is all about, where you’ll be able to save yourself quite a bit of money on an OEM version of Windows 10, just be sure to use the skpha code to apply the discount.

Not looking for Windows 10? Don’t worry

In case you already have Windows 10 Pro on your computer, don’t worry because VIP-SCDkey’s Christmas sale promotion extends to the other software products it has on its website. This includes productivity software such as Microsoft Office, video games, and even antivirus software to help keep your computer protected and up to date from the latest threats.

VIP-SCDkey’s “skpha” code will be applicable on its other products on its website, so remember to apply the code when you’re checking out to enjoy the 18% discount.

Windows 10 OEM vs Retail

Most of us might be more familiar with the retail version of Windows that we see Microsoft selling and might be wondering what’s the difference, and more importantly, is this copy of Windows 10 Pro genuine?

To answer that question, yes. OEM key are genuine copies of Windows, and the main difference between an OEM key and a retail key is the number of PCs you can install Windows 10 Pro on.

With an OEM key, once you’ve installed Windows on a computer and used the key, your key is basically used up. If you buy a new computer, you won’t be able to use that key anymore, even if you were to uninstall Windows.

With a retail key, you can transfer the license from one computer to another, which makes that copy of Windows 10 you own pretty much yours to keep forever. That being said, with VIP-SCDkey’s Windows 10 Pro keys being priced as low as they are, buying a new copy will still make it cheaper than purchasing the retail version.

Windows 10 Pro VS Windows 10 Home

If you don’t really use your PC for much, apart from surfing the web, chatting, sending out emails, and playing games every now and then, Windows 10 Home is usually more than enough to get the job done.

This doesn’t mean that Windows 10 Pro isn’t worth upgrading to, although with the usual prices that are being charged for Windows 10 Pro, it’s easy for most users to opt for the cheaper Windows 10 Home, but now with this deal that drops a Windows 10 Pro OEM license to just $14, there’s really no reason to make the upgrade.

Microsoft has introduced additional security features that some users might actually be able to take advantage of and appreciate in Windows 10 Pro. This includes features like BitLocker device encryption so that in the event that your device is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to put all your files on lockdown and encrypt it so that whoever stole it will not be able to access them.

Windows Information Protection is also another noteworthy feature that will help prevent accidental data leaks, so even if you don’t really have anything classified on your PC, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Enterprise users might find this feature doubly useful as it will help to keep upcoming projects a secret, or if there is sensitive information like pricing, suppliers, and costs that you don’t want your competitors to know about or get their hands on.

There are also other features like mobile device management, Remote Desktop Protocol, and more. Let’s not forget that at the price of Windows 10 Pro during VIP-SCDkey’s Christmas sale, there really is no reason why you should choose the Pro version over the Home version.

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