Don’t miss this awesome deal for Samsung’s fingerprint-enabled portable SSD


There is a good chance that many of us don’t password protect our external drives, meaning that should anyone get their hands on them, they’ll be able to plug it into a computer and view its contents easily. We already protect our phones with PINs or fingerprints, so why not our external drives too, right?

If you’re looking for a portable drive that supports a similar level of protection, you might be interested in this deal for the SAMSUNG T7 Touch. This is a portable SSD where its key selling point would be its built-in fingerprint reader. This would be a more secure form compared to using passwords, and it’s also incredibly easy to use.

Right now it’s on sale where instead of paying $230 for 1TB of storage, you only have to pay $160, saving yourself $70 in the process.

SAMSUNG T7 Touch Portable SSD 1TB
  • PORTABLE STORAGE: The light, pocket-sized Portable SSD T7 delivers fast speeds with easy and reliable data storage for...
  • TRANSFER IN A FLASH: Transfer massive files within seconds with the incredible speed of USB 3.2 Gen 2; Embedded PCIe NVMe...

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