Amazing Black Friday VPN deal: save 83% on Surfshark, plus 3 free months of service


With all the amazing Black Friday deals and discounts flying around this weekend, we thought we’d highlight one of the best deals around! Surfshark is having a Black Friday VPN sale, offering an 83% discount on their usual VPN rates and throwing in an extra 3 months off service for free! This brings the final price for Surfshark’s VPN service down to just $2.21/mo. 

While many of us may already use a dedicated VPN through our employer, a personal VPN is extremely important to make sure your connection is secure at all times and that you’re able to access the data you need on a regular basis.

What is a VPN?

For those who are new and unfamiliar to the concept of VPNs, it is a tool/service that basically creates a private network that helps to hide some of your personal identifying information. This includes things like your location which can be gleaned through your IP address, so if you’d rather not have websites and trackers know where you’re surfing from to collect these types of personally identifiable information that can be used for tracking and advertising purposes, a VPN does a good job of protecting that information.

It also helps to scramble the data that you send over the internet, which is particularly useful and important if you use public WiFi networks and you want to do some banking online. Having your data scrambled and encrypted means that hackers who might be monitoring these public networks won’t be able to steal your information.

5 reasons you should use Surfshark


If price has been one of the reasons holding you back from subscribing to a VPN service, then this Black Friday deal with Surfshark should really solve that issue for you. At $2.49 a month, this is roughly about a fifth of the price that other VPN services might be charging you, plus this deal will last you for 24 months, meaning that by the time the 24 months are up, you would have only paid a little under $60, making this a steal.

View blocked content online

Depending on where you live or your internet service provider, there might be certain things that are blocked to you online. This might include certain websites, online services like Netflix, and more, which might be blocked or might offer different content based on your location. By using services like Surfshark’s VPN, you could “change” your online location and be able to access content that might have otherwise been blocked or geo-restricted.

Protect your online privacy

Your IP address can say a lot about you, such as your location, for example. This means that advertisers and trackers online can tell where you’re originating from, and in turn can monitor your online habits and craft ads and services targeted towards you. If you’d rather not see targeted ads popup based on your internet browsing habits and history, then Surfshark’s VPN will offer you an additional layer of privacy that you might be able to appreciate.

Unlimited devices

Some VPN services might only allow you to connect up to a certain number of devices at one time, and if you want to connect more, you might need to pay for a higher tier subscription. With Surfshark, you will be able to connect an unlimited number of devices to its VPN service at one time. This means that you’ll be able to safely cover your entire range of devices like your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and more without worrying about which of them are left unprotected.

No log policy

Given that a lot of information passes through between you and the VPN service, some might express concern that the VPN service could be collecting and logging data on your usage patterns, browsing habits, IP addresses, and so on. Surfshark claims to have a no-log policy, meaning that these types of personally identifiable information will not be logged or stored by the company, thus ensuring you the highest level of privacy.


Protecting your online privacy should not cost you an arm and a leg, and this Black Friday deal for Surfshark’s VPN should be sweet enough or you to consider making the plunge to a more protected online identity.

Get Surfshark VPN for 83% off!

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