Nov 17th, 2020

Security cameras and motion sensors aren’t new. They’ve been around for a long time, but thanks to technology these days, these gadgets have gotten “smarter” by allowing us access through smartphones, digital voice assistants, setting up routines, and in some cases, even working with platforms like IFTTT to create custom triggers and actions.

That being said, if you’re keen on outfitting your home with some smart home security devices, then do read on as we’ve gathered some of the best smart home security systems of 2020.

When it comes to home security, we don’t necessarily always mean a way to protect your home from being burgled. It can also mean that we’re looking at ways to keep you and you family members safe, which is why the Nest Protect comes to mind, where it has the ability to detect smoke and carbon monoxide and notify the user through their smartphones, even if they’re not home.

Nest Protect
  • Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector that speaks up in a friendly voice to give you an early warning when there’s smoke or CO in your home
  • Split Spectrum Sensor looks for both fast burning and smoldering fires and tells you where the danger is
  • Get phone alerts so you know something’s wrong, even when you’re away from home [1]

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