Nov 13th, 2020

Due to the sanctions imposed on Huawei by the US government, it means that Huawei will not be able to work with US companies and vice versa. It also meant that non-US companies that rely on US technology will not be allowed to work with Huawei, which puts Huawei in a bit of a bind, especially on the chipset front.

There is some good news for Huawei and fans of Huawei because according to a report out of China, it claims that Qualcomm has apparently been given the greenlight to go ahead and supply chipsets to Huawei, but the catch is that this will only work if Huawei sells off its Honor brand as apparently Qualcomm does not have the capacity to supply to both Huawei and Honor

Considering that we have recently heard rumors that Huawei has sold or is in the process of selling off Honor to the local Shenzhen government and a consortium of Chinese companies, this could work out. It will also be a rather interesting scenario because Huawei, like Apple and Samsung, have developed their own chipsets for their mobile devices.

This move would essentially force Huawei to rely on Qualcomm, at least for the time-being until the sanctions are lifted, or if Huawei finds a way to resume manufacturing of its own Kirin chipsets.

Source: GSMArena

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