Some Google Pixel 5 units are shipping with a gap between its display and body


To make a device water-resistant, there needs to be no gaps between the outside of the device and the internals, because those gaps are where the water could seep in and damage the internals. Unfortunately for some Google Pixel 5 owners, they might have an issue with that.

This is because according to a report from Android Police, it appears that some Pixel 5 owners are receiving their devices where upon inspection, there is a gap between the display of the phone and the frame of the frame, which has caused some concerns with regards to its water-resistance.

At the moment it doesn’t seem to be a particularly widespread issue and this gap might not necessarily be very noticeable, but a gap is still a gap and could still let water in. Plus given that this is a brand new device, it shouldn’t have this issue to begin with. It is unclear how many units are affected but there is a growing number of complaints based on posts made in the Pixel Phone product forum and the XDA forum.

If you are considering the Pixel 5 or have already ordered one, then you might want to take a closer look at your device to make sure that there are no gaps. Hopefully this is something that is covered under Google’s warranty, so if you’re affected, you can try reaching out and hopefully Google will either give you a refund or let you exchange it for a newer device.

Source: Android Police

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