Xiaomi’s new 80W wireless charging tech can fully charge a phone in minutes


Wireless charging used to have a bad reputation for being slower than wired charging. For years, that used to hold true, but these days, things are improving, more so now that Xiaomi has taken the wraps off its new 80W wireless charging technology that the company claims can fully juice up a 4,000mAh smartphone in just 19 minutes.

What makes this technology even more impressive is the fact that it is faster than other fast charging wired systems out there today, such as the OnePlus 8T’s new 65W Warp Charge that’s supposed to be one of the fastest commercially available charging systems in the market today.

Xiaomi has been pushing the envelope when it comes to fast charging solutions, where previously the company showed off a 50W wireless charging system, although this definitely takes things to the next level. The company stops short of mentioning when this new 80W system will be made available, but presumably it should find its way to its next flagship smartphone.

While wireless charging has always been an alternative to wired charging, there have been talks that companies are looking to ditch charging ports entirely. This would require wireless charging systems that are just as fast, if not faster than wired systems, and this is definitely a step in that direction towards a portless future.

Source: Xiaomi

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