Oct 12th, 2020

The Nest thermostat has just gotten a major redesign, giving it a fresh new look, updated controls and deep integration into the Google Home app. While the Nest Thermostat has always looked way better than the standard thermostats found in most houses. the new update makes it a bit more stylish, toning things down from the sci-fi look of previous generations with the circular display, replacing it with a mirrored finish that allows the display details to shine through. Needless to say, the new Nest Thermostat is absolutely gorgeous and the four different color options ensure that it will seamlessly match your home decor.

But the new look also comes with an exciting new price. The Nest Thermostat now costs $130, making it significantly cheaper than the $250 Nest Learning Thermostat. It essentially replaces the Nest Thermostat E that previously sold for $170. With various Energy Star rebated available through your power company, you could get it for even cheaper.

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To help keep the cost down, Google’s product team has streamlined the design of the Nest Thermostat by removing the rotating ring and replacing it with a touch-sensitive panel along the edge. While the smart thermostat’s main benefit is that you can control the temperature in your house through voice commands if you have a smart speaker or simply setting up routines or schedules, the tactile feel of changing the temperature with the rotating ring will surely be missed.

The Nest team is also doing away with having to use the Nest app to control the Thermostat. Instead, users will be able to set up and control all aspects of the Nest Thermostat with Google’s Home app. The Home app will also house the setup instructions for the Nest Thermostat with detailed videos and diagrams based on the type of heating and cooling systems you have in your house.

The new Net Thermostat is available for pre-order on the Google Store and Amazon and will be shipping out to customers in the coming weeks.


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