OnePlus 8T’s unique dual-battery setup will charge to 100% in 39 minutes


So we know that OnePlus will be officially announcing its next flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 8T, next month. For the most part, based on the rumors, it seems that it will use a lot of the same hardware found in the OnePlus 8. This begs the question of whether or not it would be worth upgrading to, or is it better to get the potentially cheaper OnePlus 8 instead.

If you’re someone who goes through their phone’s battery really quickly, then maybe it could be worth your consideration. This is because according to the OnePlus 8T landing page (on mobile), it has been suggested that a new fast-charging technology could find its way to the phone in the form of 65W Warp Charge. In an exclusive interview with PCMag, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed that the OnePlus 8T would be able to charge at 65 watts, thanks in part to the phone’s unique dual-battery setup that allows the two smaller batteries to charge faster than a single cell can.

Charging speeds of popular solutions

“It’s like filling up a pool with water using two pipes of the same size. When the pipes are the same size, pouring water through two pipes instead of one is undoubtedly faster. By the same logic, we increased the voltage while maintaining the same current level so that the charger can fill up two batteries at the same time, delivering a more efficient and powerful charging solution,” he said.

This same principle is what allows Tesla and other electric car manufacturers to quickly charge their vehicles since the battery packs are made up of hundreds of battery cells that charge individually.

With this new charging setup, the OnePlus 8T’s 4500mAh batteries will charge to 40% in 10 minutes and all the way to 100% in 39 minutes. To give you some context for where things currently stand, the OnePlus 8 features the use of 30W Warp Charge, so the 65W Warp Charge tech essentially more than doubles its speed. Oppo introduced similar technology in the Oppo Find X2, and given that OnePlus is under the same parent company, sharing the technology amongst subsidiaries makes sense.

Oppo claims that its 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charging tech can fully charge its Find X2 Pro to 100% in 38 minutes, so we should hopefully be able to expect similar numbers with the OnePlus 8T. Either way we’ll have more details on the 14th of October, so check back with us then for the updates.

Source:  PCMag, Gadgets 360

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