Xbox remote play on Android is now open to everyone


Mobile gaming with your Android smartphone just took a massive leap forward today with an update to the Xbox app for Android, enabling Xbox Remote Play access to the general public. While the feature isn’t exactly, new, Microsoft had previously limited Xbox Remote Play access to an Xbox Insiders. The application will allow users to strema games they have installed on their Xbox One console to their Android phone or tablet, access friend lists, change settgins on the console and even share a screenshot or short video clip to social media with a simple press of a button. 

The key difference between the updated app and MIcrosoft xCloud is that the games you are streaming are not on MIcrosoft’s servers and you don’t need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass in order to use the new feature. 

Microsoft is playing a bit of catchup with Sony since this feature has been avaialble for a while with PlasySyation consoles, but it’s nice to see Android users getting yet another option when it comes to mobile game streaming on the platform.

Source: Microsoft


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