5 qualities to look for in a good drone


Photography and videography has seen a global rise nowadays due to the number of ways you can share your content across the web. A lot of people are eager to capture the beauty of the world and post it on their social media, blogs, and vlogs. The different technological advancements are also improving people’s experience, allowing even non-professionals to be more creative with their shots. 

The use of drones in everyday life is changing what is captured as people can now view the world from a different perspective. The market is saturated already with different drone brands and companies so you need informed decisions before you can make a purchase. In looking for the perfect drone for you, there are important factors that you must consider. 


Going off the ground is something that drones can do that most cameras used for photography cannot. It is an exciting way to take a picture because it’s like having a toy you can play around with. You use remote controllers to navigate the drone to where you want it in the air.  When you buy a drone, you have to check the range it can go to before losing control of your device. 

The altitude capacity requirement depends on the photography you prefer. Landscape photography often produces images from afar, and drones that can go farther can give you a more wide shot view. For hobbyists who want to use drones primarily to take selfies when they travel, they can choose the smaller ones that usually have a shorter range. 

Battery Life

Drones are best used when you have an active lifestyle, and you like to visit the outdoors to take pictures of beautiful landscapes around you. This means you wouldn’t encounter as much source of electricity, especially when you go on adventures for long stretches of hours. You cannot afford to have your drone dying on you when you need it the most. 

Before buying a drone, check the battery life and make sure that it suits your needs. Don’t let beautiful moments pass you by because of an undependable battery that needs constant recharging. Battery efficiency is better for the environment because you don’t have to replace them again. It is also good for the budget because you don’t always have to leave it consuming so much energy. 

Camera Quality

A drone can appear to be a great toy, but it is primarily a camera, so one of the most important features you should check is the camera quality. Landscapes and large scale images are best taken in HD, so choose cameras with high resolutions to get a graphic image. It is cool to check out modern camera features, as seen in the review of the dji mavic air 2, where the drone supports a feature that combines several different exposures to create a dynamic image. Some models have their built-in cameras, but there are others with options of attaching your very own. 

Aside from camera specs, you should also check how well it takes videos for when you need content for your vlogs. To check for quality, it is important to do a test shot where you see how stable the drone is in capturing images and how high-res the images that it produces. If your focus is on videos, look for great stability.

Safety in Mind

Most quality drones are costly, and as a buyer, you would want to buy one that can last you years to get your money’s worth. Since drones are launched in the air, you should ensure that it will not crash, get lost, or get destroyed while it is in operation. Check for the sensors of the different models you are considering buying.

The sensors should cover all four corners so the drone will not collide with other objects, which can cause damage upon impact. The gadget should give you a warning if there are obstacles near the drone so you can make the necessary adjustment. Most drones have this feature in their advertisement, but make sure you do an actual test before buying the drone to check if the claim is valid upon buying it. 

Size and Design

The size of your drone does matter depending on how you will use it. Though it is important, you should consider a drone that is compact enough to be packed in a backpack. With the design, you can choose from various colors and different rotating blade styles. Most of the style heavily affects the aerodynamics of the drones, and some designs give a more stable flight when launched in the air. Choose a functional design over a fancy one and get a size that is convenient for you to carry.

Choosing a drone can change the way you capture your images. The most important features should be the one that supports a high-quality image and video because that is its ultimate purpose. These factors can guide you in choosing the best drone to upgrade your photography style.

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