Nord VPN is offering a 68% discount!


There are plenty of VPN services out there these days that promise to give you a secure internet connection that will keep your network traffic hidden from prying eyes. Nord VPN is one of the most well-respected players in the space and is currently offering a 68% discount for anyone who signs up for two years of service. This amazing deal drops the price from $286 for two years of service down to just $89! That comes out to $3.71 per month.

Nord VPN currently has more than 5,300 servers scattered across the globe to ensure that your NPV connection is as fast and reliable as possible. That also means you’ll be able to easily circumvent geographical restrictions you often see on streaming media services or find the best deals on flights and hotels (yeah, those plane tickets are often a lot more expensive if the airlines know you’re purchasing a ticket from the US).

Head on over to Nord VPN to take advantage of this amazing deal. And if you don’t want the two-year plan, they’re also offering a 24% discount on their 6-month plan as well.

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