Huawei’s license with the US has expired, and it’s bad news for current owners


When Huawei was placed on the US government’s Entity List, there were some caveats. One of those caveats is that companies could apply for an exemption to continue doing business with Huawei, and the other is that earlier devices released by Huawei would not be affected.

This meant that devices already released and were continued to be sold, like the Huawei P30 series, could still ship with Google Play Services installed on them, but the bad news is that it looks like the company’s license from the US Department of Commerce has recently expired, it look like these devices are now at risk of not being able to receive future Android and security updates.

As for Huawei’s newer handsets, like the Mate 30 or P40 series, it seems that this probably won’t affect them too much. This is because for these devices, they don’t fully rely on Google’s services and use the open source version of Android, which means that they should still be able to receive updates, although it might take a bit longer.

If you do own one of Huawei’s older handsets that still has Google Play Services installed, It looks like you have a couple of choices. You could just outright replace them with a brand new non-Huawei handset, or you could simply wait it out and hope that maybe this issue is resolved. We’re not sure what Huawei has planned or how they will address this, but hopefully the company will have some answers for their customers soon.

Source: Mashable

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