Best tower defense games for iOS and Android 2020

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The tower defense genre isn’t exactly new, and we’ve seen them popularized thanks to custom maps made in RTS games like Blizzard’s Warcraft 3. If you are looking for a tower defense experience on your phone, then be sure to read on as we have compiled some of the best tower defense games for 2020 for both iOS and Android devices.

Tower defense games we’ve come across generally come with a set of levels and difficulties. Once those are complete, you’re more or less done with the game. If you’re after replayability, then Infinitode might be the game for you. The developers boast that this is the first mobile infinite tower defense game, where players can put down as many as 1,000 towers at once. The game itself is also designed rather simplistically, and there is also a map editor that lets players create new maps to challenge themselves with. The game is free-to-play and will come with in-app purchases.

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