This Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra concept is the phone Samsung needs to make right now


Over the years, Samsung has mostly kept the design of its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. There hasn’t been any major changes in terms of design, because for the most part, it works, but that doesn’t mean that the company could do more. In fact, thanks to a concept rendering by Technizo Concept, we now know what we want in 2021’s handset.

According to the designer:

“Samsung Galaxy S30 series will reiterate the design decisions that Samsung has opted for in the past few years. Namely, we expect curved displays to become a thing of the past as Samsung has been gradually phasing the ultra-curved edges of old out, ironing the kinks and coming full-circle back to mostly flat displays.”

What makes this concept particularly exciting is that it feels doable. It’s not outlandish or outrageous in terms of its features that would be impossible or improbable to pull off with today’s technology, it feels achievable. Putting a display on the back of the phone is also kind of clever where it can be used as a selfie viewfinder for those who prefer using the rear cameras.

It can also act as a display to house notifications instead of drawing on the main display, and so on. Unfortunately, with this being a concept, it’s almost unlikely that this is the phone Samsung will be making, but we can hope, can’t we?

Source: T3

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