Jul 17th, 2020

A lot of mobile games these days take advantage of touchscreen displays to make their games. It has resulted in rather innovative titles, but there are still some games that just feel a lot better when paired with a physical controller. There are many controllers out there available for your mobile device, but here’s one that could save you some money.

Razer’s Raiju Mobile is currently enjoying a pretty hefty discount on Amazon where instead of its regular asking price of $150, you will one only need to pay $100, saving yourself $50 in the process. Razer is a pretty well-known name in the gaming industry so you can expect good things of it.

The Raiju Mobile pretty much does what most gaming controllers do and will come with dual analog sticks, a D-pad, four buttons, as well as several shoulder buttons with hair trigger mode for games that will require it. There is also an accompanying mobile app that lets you customize it further.

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