Jul 2nd, 2020

Back when companies like Samsung and Huawei were announcing their foldable phones, LG interestingly enough decided to take a back seat, claiming that it was too early for such devices. To a certain extent, they were right as foldable phones haven’t quite taken off the way we would have hoped, but it seems the company has plans for something else.

According to a report from The Elec, they have heard from their sources that LG is apparently planning on introducing a phone with a rollable display in early 2021. Unlike foldable phones which for the most part just fold in half, a rollable phone would essentially roll the screen up like a scroll.

The concept of rollable displays aren’t new and LG has in fact shown off various demos of the technology at multiple CES events over the years. What’s interesting is how they might shrink the technology down to fit a smartphone, and more importantly, how will such a device look like?

Will it be a phone that unfurls like a scroll? Or will it be a smaller version of its rollable TV, where there will be a bottom housing that houses the components and rolls out when needed? The report claims that the device in question will have edges that can unroll, so maybe it will look like a regular phone, but the sides can be unrolled where it will take on the tablet form factor.

It sounds a bit “out there” and given the lukewarm reception to foldable phones, we’re not sure if rollable phones will do better.

Source: The Elec

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