ASUS ROG Phone 3 could be an insanely powerful gaming smartphone


What makes a gaming computer so different from a regular computer? Usually with gaming rigs, they offer the ability for overclocking where it pushes the processor beyond what’s advertised, allowing gamers to achieve higher performances. This overclocking concept seems to be something ASUS is interested in bringing to its phones.

According to a recent sighting on TENAA (China’s equivalent of the FCC), the ASUS ROG Phone 3 was spotted where based on the listing, it has been hinted that the phone could come with the ability to be overclocked. The phone itself uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset which is usually clocked at 2.84GHz, but according to XDA Developers, they found evidence to suggest that it could be pushed up to 3.091GHz.

This would, at least in theory, make the ROG Phone 3 one of the most powerful Android smartphones in the market today, allowing it to stay true to its “gamer” roots. Other specs include a 6.59-inch AMOLED FHD+ display which will also most likely continue to offer a 120Hz refresh rate.

The listing also mentions it will come with 16GB of RAM along with a massive 6,000mAh battery, although we’re not sure if the larger battery will simply offset the overclocked processor as opposed to actually providing long usage before needing a recharge. There is currently no word on when the phone will be launched, but its listing on TENAA suggests that it might not be too far off.

Source: XDA Developers

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