Samsung could seek cheaper displays for the Galaxy S21


One of the advantages that Samsung has over its competitors is that they have divisions that make a variety of components for smartphones. This means that Samsung can easily turn to themselves for chipset manufacturing, camera modules, memory, displays, and so on.

But according to a recent rumor, it seems that Samsung is looking to cut costs on its displays and for its Galaxy S21 handset, which will most likely be launching in 2021, the company is allegedly looking at outside display manufacturers to create displays for them. The report claims that Samsung is in talks with Chinese company BOE to make OLED displays for its Galaxy S21.

Samsung won’t be completely giving up making its own displays and that just part of their needs will go to BOE. The report goes on to claim that the displays Samsung will be sourcing will not support 120Hz refresh rates. This means that these displays will most likely be for the base Galaxy S21 models instead of the Ultra lineup.

It would also seem to suggest that the prices of the Galaxy S21 could be lower than the current models due to potentially cheaper components. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but if you feel that the Galaxy S20 is too pricey for your liking, then hopefully by working with BOE, Samsung could bring the prices down a tad.

Source: SamMobile

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